Thursday, June 23, 2011

The worst tasting shower ever!!!!

Interesting day today... Jonny and I went back down to work on that damn fence again (the fencing job from hell that just WON'T END!).  There we were, plugging away at clipping up wires and Jonny starts complaining of a headache.  I tell him to drink more water and we continue on.
A few minutes later the poor kid is doubled over puking his guts out!  Eeek!  My boy's got heat stroke!
I stuffed him back in the truck and hauled his wilted up body home where I hydrated him and cooled him back to health.  Poor Jonny!  :(
Needless to say I finished up that part of the fence by myself, but the whole time I was out there I was excited about the fact that tonight was a run night!  Yes!
I had Brad drop me off down by Miller's corner and started home.  It was exactly a mile and a half from there to the house.  I walked for my 5 minutes and then off I went.. and it was hard!  For a second.. lol.  It's a lot different running outside than running on the treadmill. The ground doesn't move itself anymore!  Aaack!  But you know what???  It was sooo much better outside!
It was SUCH a beautiful night!  We had thunderstorms early this evening so it was cool and everything was so green and clean smelling.  There were birds singing, a few deer out in the fields, and the clouds were still looming but had turned a purplish/pink with the sunset.  Just gorgeous!  I wish I had brought my camera!
The deer are having their fawns now and I was hoping to see one, but no such luck.  I saw one the other night and it was soooooo cute!  I squealed like a little girl when I saw it and scared the holy living crap out of Brad while he was driving.. pretty funny!
The only bad thing that happened tonight was that I dropped my Ipod and i think I might have broke it.. ugh!  I sure hope not but I'll check for sure tomorrow.
I finished reading "No Need For Speed" by John "The Penguin" Bingham last night.  I've owned that book since the last time I "started" running back in '08, but I've not read it until now.  It was a very good read and I highly recommend it.
Oh!  The bad tasting shower!  Haha.. I almost forgot!  Jonny and I soaked ourselves in sunscreen and bug spray this morning so when I showered after my run tonight it all ran down my face and Aack!!  Yuck!
Is it weird that I can't wait for the day after tomorrow?  I love how running makes me feel.. I'm so proud of myself!  I think I'm going to sign up for a 5k down in McLeod in October.  My sister wants to run it with me but I'm not sure how I feel about that.  She's been running for years and I'd feel bad cause there's no way I could keep up with her.  BUT  we'll see what happens.
Overall.. what a great day! :)  

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