Tuesday, June 21, 2011


As a "reward" of sorts for staying with the C25K for almost 3 whole weeks now, I've decided to outfit myself with a running outfit.  Being that we live way out here in the middle of nowhere (literally) I shopped online and scored a great deal on Ebay.  I just love Ebay, but that's another story altogether.
I got a danskin tank top with matching capri pants for under $10... New!! Yay for me! ---> insert happy dance here <---
My running shoes I got a long time ago from a running friend of mine.  She had high arches and these didn't fit her right so they were basically brand new.  They were Sauconys and they were wonderful!  I've not logged very many miles in them because I've never been able to stay with anything once I start it, so they will work for awhile longer.
Once they wear out though, I'm heading to town and getting fitted for a new pair.  Another reward!  I do so love rewards!!  giggle  :)
W2D3 for me today, and then probably a little on the Wii.  I've got the active fit II and it's alot of fun and a great all over workout.  Not as dedicated to that as I am to running but one thing at a time.  :)

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