Sunday, June 19, 2011

The beginning

I remember gym class back in 7th grade.  We would get into a circle and do stretches.  There must have been 40 of us girls and the guys were across the gym doing the same thing.  Maybe they thought we'd distract each other.. I still remember how cute Mark was... sigh.. :) 
We'd stretch our whole bodies out and man did it feel great!  After we were done stretching came running around the whole gym for 3 whole minutes.  So many groans and complaints but not from me.  Oh no.. I went into my head and would secretly pretend I was a racehorse prepping for a big race.  I became light on my feet and totally aware of my body, waiting for Ms. Evans to blow the whistle.. the starting bell.  
They're off!  
Oh how I flew!  I went towards the front of the mob and held myself back, even though I was chomping at the bit and pulling on my rider.  We made several laps and then Ms. Evans sounded my release... 
      "Thirty seconds!!"  
I exploded forward passing everyone ahead of me and lapping others.  As I passed by my exhausted classmates their eyes followed me with disbelief!  
      "Holy crap!" they'd say as I passed them with ease.  I ran my heart out that last thirty seconds and always won my race.  I pranced to a finish, alive in my glory that was my desire to move my body.
I was a runner. 

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